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Another player is harassing me or offending me in messages. What can I do about this?

Answer: You can use our Ignore feature to prevent all of his/her messages from ever appearing on your computer screen. Ignoring a user has the following effects.

  • Private messages sent to you by that user never appear in your message box.
  • If you have games in progress with the user, messages accompanying his moves do not appear to you, although the game board does appear and moving pieces takes place normally. This allows you to finish games against the ignored person without having to read his messages.
  • The ignored user never sees games that you have started and placed in the Waiting Room.
  • You do not see the ignored user's games in the Waiting Room.
  • The user can not invite you to play more games.
  • You will not see the user's postings on the message boards.
  • Best of all, the user is not notified that you are ignoring him.
  • However, in a tournament, you may still be randomly paired with a player whom you are ignoring. You would not see messages from him/her, but you would have the games.

Here are ways to activate Ignore:

  • Waiting Room: If you see a nasty name in the waiting room, you can easily ignore this person. Just click the name. (This will not cause you to start a game with this person.) You will see a page showing the game board. Scroll down and look beneath the game board. Click the option to view this player's profile. You will see this player's profile page. Scroll down and look under 'More profile options...' Click 'Ignore this user.' You may also contact us using our online contact form and tell us this player's User ID or name. We might hide this name or User ID in most instances on our site.
  • Private Message: View a user's private message to you or invitation to play a game. Scroll to the bottom of the screen. Among the options there is 'Ignore this user.'
  • Message Board: View a user's posting on a message board. 'Ignore' is among the options beneath the message.
  • Game Opponent: While viewing a game that you are playing against an offensive player, click your opponent's name as it appears beneath the game board. This takes you to his user profile. At the bottom of the user profile is the option to 'Ignore this user.'
  • Search User Profiles: If you know the name or userid of a player you want to ignore, look under 'Spy' in the left side menu column and click 'Search user profiles.' Type in the userid or name to search (userid gives better results). You may see a list of names that match what you typed. Pick one, and you will then see his/her user profile page. At the bottom of the profile page is the option 'Ignore this user.'
  • Offender Currently on Site: Under Spy in the gray menu column, click 'Who's Here.' A list of players who have made moves within the past 5 minutes is displayed. Click on 'profile' for a user, then scroll to the bottom of his profile page. 'Ignore this user' is among the options there.

After you ignore a player, you can also leave them negative feedback (see previous question on 'Feedback'). This will alert others to steer clear of this player. is for people who want to play games and exchange friendly messages. But in any internet community, there are the few who behave improperly. If you encounter any, we hope that our ignore feature will allow you to filter out their comments completely and continue gaming in peace.

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