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  • Backgammon
    It's the classic dice and race game (BX), and some variations: Pro Backgammon (BP), Anti-Backgammon (BA), Nackgammon (BN), and Backgammon Race (BR).

  • Battleboats and Battleboats Plus
    Battleboats (TX) is the great naval search and destroy game you may know as Battleship. Battleboats Plus (T+) is a faster variation which gives you more shots per turn, and Dark Battleboats Plus (TD) is a version where you don't see which ships you've sunk. Anchors away!

  • Boatzee
    Rules for various dice games such as Boatzee (BZ), Double Boatzee (BD), and Triple Boatzee (BT)

  • Checkers: American
    We've got American checkers, also known as British Draughts (KX), and some variations: Pro Checkers (KP), Anti-Checkers (KA), Sparse Checkers (KS), Crowded Checkers (KC), and Mule Checkers (KM).

  • Checkers: International
    Also known as International Draughts, this version of checkers (KN) lets your single checkers jump forward and backward; the King can jump any distance along a diagonal. also provides variations: Italian Checkers (KT), Polish Checkers (KL), and Russian Checkers (KR).

  • Checkers: Variations
    Includes some games that have some elements of checkers, but may have elements of other games. Includes Hasami Shogi Classic (HS), Hasami Shogi Modern (HT), and Breakthrough (KB). NOTE: Rules for Breakthrough are near the bottom of the page.

  • Chess
    Basic rules for Western chess (CX) are explained. You can also learn how draw situations are handled on

  • Chess Variations
    We've got many of variations on the venerated standard: King's Corner (CK), King's Fortress (CF), Horde Chess (CH), Extinction Chess (CE), Anti Chess (CA), Dark Chess (CD), Screen Chess (CS), Crazy Screen Chess (CZ), Chinese Chess (CC), Dark Crazy Screen Chess (CY), Atomic Chess (CT), Tablut (TB), and Knightmate Chess (CN). Regular chess has been thoroughly analyzed and many players have learned its strategies by rote. Variations offer more chances to use your imagination and develop your own strategies.

  • Chinese Chess (Xiangqi)
    With 100 million players, Chinese Chess (CC) might be the most popular board game in the world. It is estimated to be over 1500 years old. Some of its pieces are similar to those of Western chess, and some, like the Cannon, are very different.

  • Go / Territory games
    One of the oldest board games known, Go originated in China as early as 2000 B.C., according to some sources. The goal is to control territory on the board by placing stones. Our rules provide only a brief introduction to help the beginner get started. We have regular Go (GX) played on a 19x19 size board, and the easier 9x9 (G9) and 13x13 (G3) versions. Also in this section are territory games like Amazons (AZ) and Tanbo (GT).

  • Go-Moku and Pente
    The goal is to place five stones in a row. Basic Go-Moku (MX) and Pente (MP) are here along with variations Keryo-Pente (MK), Pro Go-Moku (MM), Pro-Pente (MQ), and Connect 6 (M6).

  • Halma (Chinese Checkers)
    Move your stones from one side of the board to the other. Set up bridges for multiple jumps. We have regular Halma (KH) on an 8 by 8 board, Halma 10x10 (KI), and a great Halma-like game called Embargo (EG). Embargo rules are at the very bottom of the page.

  • Hex / Connection games
    The object of a connection game is to connect pieces to themselves or with the sides of the board. Games which fall into this category include Hex (HX), Havannah (HV), and Lines of Action (LA).

  • Jamble
    Jamble (JX) is's word game, with twists that make it a much different experience from other word games. Wild Jamble (JW) is like Jamble, except played with 6 blanks (wild cards) instead of the usual 2. Open Jamble (JO) allows you to select which letters go in your rack (sort of).

  • Reversi
    Sometimes called Othello, the object is to flip your opponent's pieces over to your color by flanking them with your pieces. Basic reversi (RX) and its variations--Reversi 10x10 (R1), Blackhole Reversi (RH), Anti-Reversi (RA), Blackhole Reversi 10x10 (RI), Anti-Reversi 10x10 (RB), Reversi 6x6 (R6), Anti-Reversi 6x6 (RC), and Ataxx (AX) --are explained.

  • Sabotage
    It's Stratego™ with some extra subtleties that are not possible when facing your opponent across a real game board. Please read the rules carefully. This is not your father's basic strategy game. We have regular Sabotage (SG) as well as the faster variations Mini Sabotage (SM), Sabotage Rush (SR), Corner Sabotage (SC), and Sabotage Open Rush (SO). (Stratego™ is a trademark of Hasbro, Inc.)

  • Stack4
    You might know this one as Connect Four. Stack pieces and try to get four in a row. Basic Stack4 (4X) and variations--Connectris (4C), Stack 4X4 (44), Connectris 4x4 (4D), Stack4 10x10 (4T), and Anti-Stack4 (4A)--are explained.

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