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 Privacy Policy

Your email address is required for registration, and is used to notify you when it's your turn to move. Your email address will not visible to anyone else on our site except you. If you choose to give your email address to your opponent, you may do so by posting a private message with your move. Otherwise, no one visiting this site will have access to your email address, not even your opponents.

Currently, we don't even sell advertising in our email-- all our email is for the player's benefit (usually notifying you when you have games where it's your turn, tournament notifications, or notices of games won or lost). However, if you set the "email notify" option to "NO", you will not receive any email from us, ever.

Your email address is never given out to third parties without your EXPLICIT permission. At this time, we do not have any agreements where we give out or sell your email address to ANYONE. So basically, nobody but us sees your email address, and we only use your email address to send you reminders to play your game. You can cancel these emails from us at any time by pulling up you "Edit User Profile" page.

Many players feel more comfortable if they can see a little information about you in your personal profile rather than just a user ID-- for example, the town where you live. You can fill in these fields on the "biography" page. However, all this information is optional, and we do not release this information to outsiders, and we do not use it internally for marketing purposes.

We do use cookies to track your user ID as you move from page to page. This is to prevent you from having to log on repeatedly as you navigate the site. Since you already have to log on, we know who you are, so the use of cookies does not affect your privacy in any way.

Please do not discuss very sensitive subjects in your messages, even in your private messages. While we do make every effort to maintain the integrity of private messages, we cannot be liable for bugs in the program that may allow outsiders to read private messages. However, it is the policy of not to monitor, edit or disclose the contents of private messages other than what is technically necessary to process those messages.

It is our policy not ask for personal information such as your street address or your phone number. Since we do not ask for this information, no one can discover this information via unless you explicitly post it (we strongly advise against doing this). If anyone asks you for this information claiming to be a representative of It's Your Turn, Inc., please notify us immediately.

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